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About Your Lightening Products

How many times do I apply the Lightening System Kit?
The 3-Step Lightening Kit will ONLY be used in the evening, with the exception of the Exfoliating Cleanser which will be used twice daily (morning and night.) If Daisy MD Care provides you with the Day Cream, then that will be applied only in the morning prior to going to work/school.

Can I wear makeup?
For the 1st month you should not apply any makeup, if you must apply it for a special occasion make sure that you use mineral makeup.

Why do I have discoloration on my skin?
Discoloration of the skin is caused by hormonal changes or by the sun that damage the melanin production in the skin barrier layer. 

Can this product clear or make the discoloration less noticeable?

Can I be under the sun when using the lightening cream?
No, you should always cover the area with sunscreen and wear a hat.

I have had an acid peel in the past, could that be related to my discoloration?
60%-70% of people get discoloration after they have had an acid peel because they expose their skin to the suns uv rays.

Can age cause discoloration?

Will I experience any dryness of my skin?
Very little, nothing significant.

Can I wear eye makeup/ eye cream?

Why is the spot getting a little pink/red?
That is normal. The skin is changing. 

May I use any other product on my face?

How long will it take for the discoloration to clear up?
If you just started to see the appearance of discolorations(s) then it will clear up faster than if you have had it for a longer period of time.

Can I apply all of the creams all over my face?
No. Only on the discoloration.

How long can I use the product for?
You can continue using the Cleansing Exfoliator & the Daisy MD Care Day cream even after the discoloration has been cleared, to help your skin stay normal preventing discolorations.

Once I'm cleared & stop using the product, will the discoloration(s) come back?
It is possible for it to come back, so you have to make sure that you continue using the Daisy MD Care Day Cream & Cleansing Exfoliator even after your skin has cleared as a preventive and maintenance measure for your skin.

If I have rosacea can I use the lightening cream?
No. First we will need to clear the rosacea with the 2-Step Acne Sensitive Kit before you can start using the lightening system.