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Get Glowing Skin With Daisy MD Care

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December 17, 2013 by Clarissa Burt in BEAUTY

Your face is the first thing people see, so it’s no wonder everyone wants to have a healthy, flawless complexion. Daisy MD Care provides the finest skin care treatments for every skin type. The founder and owner, Dr. Daisy, said herself that “clients come from all over” just to be able to receive one of her treatments. The treatments consist of all natural products and are tailored to each individual’s skin care needs.

Before the actual treatment, Daisy and her team will provide a free consultation and derma-analysis to make sure that the treatment will benefit your type of skin in the most effective way possible. One thing Daisy prides herself on is her 100 percent guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your treatment, then you get a full refund, enforcing the reliability and confidence Daisy has in her service.

Treatments range from treating wrinkles and discoloration in the face to getting rid of acne scars, which happens to be Daisy’s favorite treatment. Along with the various in-house treatments, Dasiy MD Care also provides take home products available for purchase. Her products include an exfoliating cleanser, a scar cream and different anti-wrinkle creams, lightening creams, and rosacea creams. Not only will these improve your skin, they will allow you to maintain the beautiful skin the in-house treatments gave you originally.

With locations in both California and Texas, Daisy MD Care is spreading her revolutionary treatments to different places around the U.S. And with the option to purchase some of the products online, Daisy MD Care is reaching so many people in hopes of giving everyone the opportunity to love the face that they show the world.

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