The Luxe Face Lift – Dramatic Face-lift after 1 treatment!
Say bye, bye to those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles with the latest technology in radio frequency. The most luxurious, effective and safest method of treating wrinkles and fine lines through the high-tech infusion of radio frequency waves. This deep penetrating treatment smoothes fine lines, tightens skin, lifts eyebrows, cheekbones, produces healthier collagen and most importantly re-educates the facial muscles and repairs damaged cells in order to enhance treatment longevity. Dramatic lifting results are noticed after 1 treatment. For more permanent results, treatment is recommended in a series of 10.

The Luxe Instant Eye Lift
The Luxe Instant Eye Lift is a new type of non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency to lift, tone, and tighten loose skin around the eyes while getting rid of those unwanted fine lines and crows feet. Look your absolute best after one session. For more permanent results, treatment is recommended in a series of 10. No side-effects, no downtime, no pain. Dramatic Eye-lift after 1 treatment!

Far-Infrared Light Therapy

Our Far Infrared Anti-Aging Light Therapy enhances cellular regeneration in the skin while accelerating the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells. This treatment stimulates collagen production making you look and feel youthful and glowing. Far-Infrared Light Therapy reduces dark under-eye circles, improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin for a radiant even-toned smooth complexion.Perfect for all skin types. Non-invasive, safe, and all-natural. Recommended in a series.

Bio-Derma Lift Treatment

A specialty treatment that produces micro channels into the skin. Micro channels create collagen fibers naturally by stimulating tissues & micro-blood vessels. It is very EFFECTIVE for wrinkles and fine lines. 

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