How often do you look in the mirror and see dark spots, sun spots and even an uneven skin complexion that just won’t go away? Skin lightening makeup is no longer the only solution to correcting these problems, even though you’re trying to cover them up; they’re still there and it’s only a temporary solution to an ongoing problem.

Not all skin lightening treatments are created equal, which is why now you can now enhance the youthful,healthy glow of your skin by removing any sun spots or discolorations from the face & body with the latest skin lightening treatments available only at Daisy MD Care. Thanks to our team of highly skilled professionals and scientific team we have developed an effective treatment that works with the toughest skin types with results that are seen and enjoyed.

This is an excellent clinical treatment that removes the dead cells from the top layer of the skin while repairing the skin’s melanin production naturally, safely and effectively leaving you with a beautiful even skin complexion.

The Discoloration Treatment is available for all areas of the body and consist of a weekly treatment regimen along with a home care plan. Results are fast and permanent. No more worrying about your pigmentation coming back. (45 minutes)

Mole & Skin Tag Removal
Moles, skin tags and warts, also referred to as lesions, are very common on the face or body and can cause men, women and children of all ages to feel self-conscious. We offer quick removal procedures of these unsightly lesions with no down-time at all.


We Offer:

  • Highly customized treatments
  • Customized skincare regimens
  • True passion for the work we do
  • 24/7 support for our clients
  • 45-60 minutes per treatment to work with our clients’ skin
  • Incredible results
  • A 99% success rate

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